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I don't think accomplishment is a real word in english, but then...
I finally did a animation "lookable".
hopefully you guys will like it.
if you don't understand, it's because you are my mother, you are to young or you just don't know mgs.
if you didn't before, check Metal Gear Awesome2 and Blockhead out before you look at that one.


2008-02-06 15:23:19 by wormsboufeur

I wanted to make a new post, but I think no one will read it so... I'll just work on my projects.


2008-01-12 15:15:02 by wormsboufeur

HI everyone.
I just come there to say that I'm on a new project but not like the 2 first one.
this time it'll take time and it will be much... better. I just have a problem about the sond quality.
in the 2 first animation I did, the sond of the musique was awful and it's always the case now.
If someone know how to arrange that, please, help me.

hello everyone.
I'm glad to tell that I'm a newgrounder (but you already know because I'm posting).
I new this website since a while... a big while, but I wasn't really a big "flasher" but now, I have the time and the motivation, so I decided to put my stone on this amazing world that newgrounds (put a stone on the edifice... it a french expretion, I don't know if I can say it in english... but you understood, taht is the principal.
so, I've not a lot of submition yet but it's the begining.
hope you'll enjoy and see you^^

P.S.:if someone can tell me how to put music in an animation and don't have to begin... by the begin, thank you to tell me.