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Ok... looking at your previous stuff, I don't know why I was following you. But if I hadn't, I wouldn't have seen this so I'm glad I was.
It's so cool too, because I'm actually writting a text on that subject and it helps a bit, reminding me to include the quantum theory part.

So thanks. And I hope I get to see the finished thing 'cause it really looks good. the shapes and poses are really strong, and the secondary animations are nice (for the animated parts). The timing seems slow in those though but I guess it's because it's in between blocking and polish.

Anyhow. I love it

shoot me!

I don't give 10 because everyone does without thinking but considering the time and the random style it had to have to be actually ... logic with the time you where given, I don't see any reason not to (give you a 10 I mean).
exept maybe I didn't like the 10th and the 24th. (yeah yeah I prefered the 22 more lol happy logic).

still, the whole thing's awesome.
I love randomness and this is pretty random ^^
cool music as always Hania. I think if I meet you I'd fall in love for so many reasons.
and James, as always, cool designs (always different) cool animations and all...
if I met I guess I wouldn't fall in love lol, but if I was gay maybe ^^
(hopefully this last joke won't prevent you from sleeping at night because you'd have dreams about a weird guy trying to jumb you 24 times a second ^^)

keep up!
still looking forward to see tarboy 2
(speaking of wich, I'm gonna watch the first one, one more time)

oui oui

it's fun, animation's good, lot's of character design, even for the extras... and it's fun ^^
I loved it. I loved LARRY 1 to actually.

just on thing, frenchies don't roll "Rs"
they do it like germans.

well then, myself being french, I don't really know all jokes you people do about us but it's fun anyways.

could you make english sub-titles please? because sometimes they talk to fast and I (and I guess lot's of foreigners) can't understand it all when they talk to fast, with an accent or they mumble.

see ya
bon courage et éclate à ce que tu fais pour nous faire marrer.

Jazza responds:

ah, i'm no expert on languages. i just spit crap into a microphone. thanks fgor the correction though mate, i'll use it later i promise :)

your french and you can't understand MY wonderful french accent? lol jk. subtitles will come with any inevitable future DVD don't worry.

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That's simple, clear, awesome.
good music, even after half an hour playin'.
really nice mate.
when do we have a multiplayer?
how can we download the game?


this is quite an awesome sick game.
I can't belive I spend so much time dislocating this por puppet guy.

just one thing, I don't understand how to change the picture.
I put the head in the red thing and then. . . I don't know.

one more thing, it would be cool to be able to clean up the blood to see the bones on there normal color, and to do new "paints"

I'm happy, I've done a news poster for X files with this lol.

keep it up

improving for 2008? so so so...

what could I say.
you yold me people says that you speak so slowly and I think they are write.
even if foreign people want to see it I think the rythm of your voice must be more fast because, even if we don't understand everything, it will maintain the attention.
BUT!!! (there is a but) it's we don't understand everything so, I think, the best thing to do is to put a box somewhere in the screen for the subtitles and a button to pass to the next paragraph (where I look an english flash cartoon it's my favorite way to understand).
for the draw, personaly, I think there's a lot of differents kind of draw and the way of doing shades that you show is not my favorite so I think you must show 2 or 3 different way to do it.
I think to put the menu in the beginning could be a better Idea and different section for the tuto but not like the others (symbols, action-script etc...)
something like: background (where you talk about sky, symbols...) shades, spécials effects ...

To finish, I think it's really necessary to show all the screen to explain all that you explain.

that's it

I hope I helped you

see ya

IceDragon64 responds:

Thanks, wb, this is useful feedback. I may indeed make some changes along these lines.

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well let's say, 3 points for the drawing and 3 points for the color.

but, to be constructive, there's still 3 points left for the dynamic of the positions.
it doesn't look like moving enought.
actually, I've just watch all your arts here, on newgrounds, and it's the story of it all.
you got the muscles, you got the clothes, you got the faces (even if we put them all green, we could say what ethnic group they are lol)
that's awesome work, I just think, you gotta find a way to give it a motion.

and the last point it's just that I'm not a fan of the wallpaper lol.

but anyway, great stuff, keep it up, keep improving ^^

P.S.: Why didn't you finish it?
P.P.S.: don't try to take my work on newgrounds as an exemple, it's quite bad ^^', I actually haven't made anythink great yet so you win lol...
for now... mouHAHAHAHAHA (beyond the grave evil laught)

ElMagico responds:

Thanks for the honest review. I actually didn't finish it for the reasons you listed. The poses were really static and the entire thing just looked boring. Maybe it's the straight ahead angle. Composition is one of my biggest weaknesses.

ME? you want to know something about ME? ok. my name's Foehn, I'm a relative beginner on flash, I like draw, animate and film. I like a lot of things else but you don't really care. OH, something important: I'm french so some of my submition are french

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